2Xu Compression Cycle Bib Short Shorts

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Compression Cycle Bib Short

Get your blood flowing with the 2XU Compression Cycle Bib Short, to ride and recover at your best. Powerful compression strength Neo Kinetic fabric is a 200 denier Lycra fiber with unparalleled stretch and recovery memory to retain garment shape and support muscles.

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Kristatos   Road Racer [May 24, 2012]

The compression is noticeable - if you like compression wear off the bike and want to try it on a bike this is the way to go. The chamois is high-tech and was comfortable even on a double-day where I rode both morning and evening. I was sold on compression tights for long airplane flights years ago as I walked off the plane with far less soreness and cramps from being cooped up in a too-small space - on the bike I feel like these shorts give my legs a little added support.


The leg gripper combined with the compression can feel like it's really squeezing your thigh for the first few miles of a ride - this goes away and I don't notice it anymore once I'm warmed up and into the ride. Sizing is very different than most other shorts as well, so some people will inadvertently purchase too large of a size and be disappointed.

Mind the sizing on these shorts - I ride an XL in most bibs and was a M on the 2XU chart. I went with the M and the fit is just right. They looked too small when I held them in my hand, but once wearing them the compression material's elasticity had them covering my thigh to the same point a few inches above the knee as my other shorts.

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