Bergamo Peloton Bib Short Shorts

Peloton Bib Short

Proven performer combining the latest innovations in fabric, panel, stitching, and insert technology


  • Power Lycra® Fabric, (210 gram),
  • Traforex® Mesh Fabric (100 gram)
  • MLD4 Elastic I.T. insert
  • New Y-Back Bib Upper Bergamo Silicone Gel Leg Grippers

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    malcomm   Road Racer [Nov 21, 2006]

    And at an affordable price.
    Thats what its all about.



    I've used a lot of different brand knicks over the years and I'm lucky to get a season out of them before the lycra breaks down and the knicks go baggy.
    My riding is mainly in the 100-150Km range and do about 200-400Km per week. I suffer a lot from saddle sores and welts in the crotch area and yes I use lots of chamois creme and have also tried heaps of different saddles in the quest for a happy butt.
    I thought I might have found the solution when I tried out a pair of Asoss F1.13 bib shorts, no more saddle sores. They are very comfortable but the price!

    Then I read a review on the Bergamo knicks at
    which started me thinking about why are Assos knicks soooo expensive and why are the usual $50-75 knicks such crap. I sent Pez an email and they put me onto Upland Sports Group who are the distributors for Bergamo. Garry at Upland very kindly answered all my questions and supplied lots of info on what makes good knicks good without pushing his product at me. Lots of info on pads and the different grades of lycra.
    To cut a long story short, I took the dollar plunge and bought a pair.

    No saddle sores.
    Greatly reduced long distance sore butt syndrome.
    Wonderfully comfortable.

    They are expensive compared to the usual team crap but still at a fraction of the Assos price with no lose in comfort or quality. If I get two seasons out of them then I'm at break even point and the comfort, well what $ value can you put on getting rid of saddle sores.

    I thoroughly recommend these knicks and I'll be buying more. I've clocked up some 2000Km in them already with no signs of wear and tear. Still as comfortable as the first day I wore them.

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