Castelli Cross Sanremo Speedsuit Shorts

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Cross Sanremo Speedsuit

If you're like us, you value the aerodynamic edge of your skinsuit in the time trial, but no matter how often you try to will yourself, you just can't wear it for training or stage racing. Well, times are changing and watts are saved like never before with the latest Castelli invention, the San Remo Speedsuit. It's so fast that Castelli patented it. The San Remo Speedsuit is the result of Castelli combining the most aerodynamic, breathable, and lightweight garments in their closet into one piece of wearable technology. Designed for every cycling application from the Pyrenees to the time trial, the San Remo Speedsuit has shattered the mold of aerodynamic garment design. The Castelli Speedsuit's revolutionary, patented design was achieved by a precise combination of fabrics, and an outside-the-box approach to aerodynamic design. The Speedsuit idea started with Castelli re-envisioning the application of a skinsuit. While offering superior aerodynamic performance, the lack of pockets and the inability for nature breaks make the skinsuit notoriously impractical for daily riding or road racing. The solution was clear, combine the two fastest, lightweight garments in the Castelli closet, and make them into one cohesive piece that's more aerodynamic as a whole than separate. So, Castelli made the lower portion from the nearly seamless Body Paint shorts, and used the Aero Race jersey for the upper. Body Paint feels as it sounds, like a barely-there skin layer that minimizes your aerodynamic footprint. It's Castelli's most lightweight and quick-drying lower fabric, and features a slight dimpling on the legs to create an aerodynamic boundary layer (think of a golf ball). The Aero Race upper is Castelli's top-shelf race jersey, and is so aero that it's claimed to save 12 watts at 40km/h over a normal, high-end jersey. The upper features a silicone printing on the side panels to further induce turbulence, and thus shave more time and precious watts from your ride. The two garments are integrated in the fashion of a skinsuit at the hips, only deviating from stitched integration at the very front as to allow nature breaks on or off the bike?seriously, Castelli tested it.Castelli's idea for an everyday skinsuit has been extended to every facet of the San Remo Speedsuit, and we're ecstatic that the Progetto X2 chamois made the cut. Castelli's most innovative chamois, the Progetto's surface uses a skin-care layer comprised of a seamless bacteriostatic fabric that conforms to the body without folding. The material supports airflow, and aids in evaporation. The second layer is multi-density foam with variable thickness placed where you need it, not where you don't. The comfort level is also aided by Castelli's Viscous comfort inserts; a perforated padding added to the highly-sensitive ischia and perineum pressure regions. In addition to Castelli's best chamois, the San Remo Speedsuit also comes with three rear storage pockets that are designed to stay in p



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