Craft Gunde Windstopper Boxer Shorts

Gunde Windstopper Boxer

Craft's Gunde Windstopper Boxer short is the ultimate base layer for cold and windy conditions

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TNDave   Recreational Rider [Jan 05, 2011]

Great fit.
Windstopper fabric
Sweat Wicking keeps you dry and comfy

Decided this year to continue cycling into the winter months instead of hibernating. Bought a couple different sets of winter tights with and without windblocker fabric, but no matter what I did when the temp dipped below 38F my crotch always got really cold.

Found the Craft Gunde boxers and picked up a pair, and they make all the difference in the world. The windstopper panel is the perfect size and in the perfect location to keep your senstive areas nice and wind-free and warm in cold weather.

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