3T Limited Tape Bar Tape

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Limited Tape

The Limited Tape is the finishing touch you''ve been looking for to complete your ultimate road machine.

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sumadoggie   [Sep 27, 2013]

Really sharp looking. Very well made. Feels and looks like quality.


Because of its stiffness, it's not the easiest bar tape to finish with the electrical tape provided. I ended up getting the electrical tape to stick, but if it starts to peel I'll happily trash it for replacement from Lowes.

This is expensive bar tape. But it's very very well made. This appears to be a "you get what you pay for" scenario. I've only been on one ride with it, but my hands were firmly planted without any sense of wishy-washiness or vagueness. Just the opposite. The tape is solid and confidence inspiring. I'm not a huge fan of super soft tape. This provides plenty of vibration damping without any feeling of steering vagueness. It is certainly stiff and you need a firm hand to get it on nice and tight. Once it's on it looks fantastic. I got the white/red stitched variety. Very sharp.

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