Serfas Supreme Grip Bar Tape Bar Tape

Supreme Grip Bar Tape

Supreme Grip bar tape is not your standard synthetic bar tape. Serfas has used a high quality synthetic material in order to create a textured slip resistant, shock absorbent bar tape.   ?    &...

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Marquis   Triathlete [May 26, 2015]

It looks and feels real nice. Can be purchased inexpensively on eBay and elsewhere online.


It falls apart almost immediately. Within two rides it looks like it's been used for two years. Terrible quality, poor construction.

I really wanted to like this tape. It has a nice cloth-like texture that's comfortable and grippy. But that texture begins to fall off almost as soon as it's touched. That leaves bare spots through to the white base layer, like a mangy dog. I used it two bikes and it fell apart after two medium-ling rides in both cases.

Serfas doesn't show this tape on their website any longer, but there's plenty of it floating around the web. Do yourself a favor - don't buy it.

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