Phorm S 310 Gel Max Saddles

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S 310 Gel Max

The S310 Gel Max Men’s saddle was developed to provide serious comfort. The saddle was designed for fitness and leisure riders on both mountain and road bikes that have a moderately sporty sitting position. A sporty sitting positio...

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sdsuaztec89   Recreational Rider [Sep 16, 2014]

This saddle can be bought for under $50. (Compare to designer race saddles at $200-$300 or more.) Firm and comfortable, allowing power transfer to the pedals, where you want it. Not too bulky looking, not too much heavier than original saddle.


It does weigh around 450 grams. That is close to 1 Lb. Although my stock Bontrager saddle which was unbearable on rides over 50 miles, weighed in at 14 Oz. So not that much difference. Still need to tweak tightening, as I get creeking sound on climbs.

If you have hundreds to spend on a new, lightweight race saddle, knock yourself out. And,you can be proud of the high end designer Logo under you ass when someone is sucking your wheel. If you are like me, on a budget, and hoping to upgrade to an entire new bike in the near future, this saddle is perfectly fine for training rides, century rides, or group rides. Why would I spend 1/4 of what my bike cost me new 10 years ago for a new saddle?

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