Prologo Nago Evo Plus Ti Saddles

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Prologo Nago Evo Plus Ti Saddles 


The Prologo family of saddles is carefully divided into three essential subsets: the best-selling Scratch with a rounded saddle shape, the C.One/Zero with a flat shape, and then a semi-rounded hybrid of the two -- the Nago Evo line, favored by U.S. Cyclocross National Champion Tim Johnson. This semi-rounded Nago Evo shape is best suited for medium to long rides, and for the widest variety of riders. The Nago Evo Plus Ti saddle is the most ergonomic and supportive offering within the family. It features Prologo's Active Shape Technology; an ergonomic channel carved out in the center of the saddle's multi-density foam, which helps relieve perineal pressure while keeping your weight centered over your sit bones. The seated transition area (the range where the saddle quickly transitions from wider to narrower) on the Nago Evo is also much narrower, reducing friction points during each leg stroke and increasing your pedaling efficacy. And as an added bonus to the comfort level, is how the Navo Evo is compatible with Prologo's innovative U-Clip system; an elegant solution to attaching Prologo's line of lights or saddle bags to the underside of your saddle. The Nago Evo Plus is built around a lightweight carbon fiber-injected frame -- the skeleton of the saddle that supports the foam and attaches to the rails. This is molded with varying densities, so that vibration reduction is built-in, and so that the saddle flexes slightly under power. Multi-durometer foam is attached to the frame, with firm support beneath your hips and lighter, more forgiving foam at the mid-section, toward the nose. The rails are nickel-coated titanium, with a 1.4mm wall. This nickel coating adds a few grams, but it also boosts the durability of the saddle. If you're a more powerful rider, or you want to use this saddle for cyclocross or mountain biking, the additional protection will help lengthen the life of the saddle.The Prologo Nago Evo Plus Ti Saddle is 280mm long, and is available in both 134mm and 141mm widths. While Prologo research has determined that 90% of all cyclists will fit comfortably on a 134mm saddle, you can find whether or not you're in the 10% by measuring the center-to-center width between your ischial tuberosities (ie: your 'sit bones'). If you measure 100mm to 130mm, we recommend the 141mm saddle. If your measurement is less than that range, the 134mm saddle will fit you just fine. Once you've selected your size, choose between Black/White, or White/Black colorways.

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