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Selle SMP's ideal saddle for intensive training or free time cycling. Foamed elastomer padding where ischial tuberosities rest. Particularly suited for lightweight riders with medium-wide pelvises. Made in Italy.


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[Oct 21, 2012]
Artur N
Recreational Rider


Quality, design, comfort in any situation


Price, but you pay for an outstanding saddle

I always considered that saddles are the most important componet on a bike - and the most personal as well - and in 30 years of bicycling ( I am 55 yo ) - either MTB or Road - I had always very good saddles -Flites, SLR Transam,,San Marco's Concor Light and Arami Night Train .

None of the above mentioned saddles gave me trouble, maybe because when adjusting each of them, I was always very careful and methodical. I like unpadded saddles or minimal padded saddles.I consider that too much padding does interfere with my pedaling and overall "discomfort". So I always had unpadded saddles - I used for a long time a Flite Evolution - carbon/titanium rails - which is very flexible and I always had in mind that the shell of a saddle should be a bit flexible. All the above are flexible saddles. I stopped bicycling during 4 years and when returning to the sport - last August - I decided to buy a brand new saddle to my road bike, as the Arami was a bit old !

My first choice, would be a Fizik Kurve Snake - flexibility, remember ? - but I started to look more carefully to the SMP range ! I always had saddles with a cut out - the Flite carbon does not have the cut out but never caused any numbness in my lower parts - and the approach of SMP started to make some sense: very hard shells - your energy goes directly to the pedals and is not lost on the flexibility of the shell - several degrees of padding, according to the model you choose - and two main designs: the Composit family and the Forma family. The Dynamic belong to the Forma family and it is a Forma with a very thin layer of high density foam. After reading this great article : - and being undecided between the Stratos and the Evolution - I decided for a Dynamic

Well, I bought it through the internet - was the first time I bought a saddle without touching it - a risky buy, considering the price - and when it arrived I was amazed with the quality of it! But quality is one thing, comfort and efficiency is another thing.

Well, I mounted the saddle as instructed in the complete leaflet that was inside the box - I have not leveled the saddle as instructed , as I prefer to have the beek of it a bit lower, let's say, 2mm, and the saddle centered on the rails - and went for my first test ride of 35 kms, mainly for adjustments. It is a hard saddle , a tough shell ( no flexibility whatsoever ) and the little amount of padding is enough for the road irregularities. Let me tell you that part of my training circuit does include pavement very similar to the Roubaix-Liege race - and very smooth to very irregular tarmac. I decided to lower the beek a bit more - it is now with +/- a minus 4 mm and push the saddle a bit forward ( 10mm ). So far, so good! Next day, I went for a 70 kms ride and surprise: after 5 minutes, I just forgot the saddle, and the cut out is extremely efficient when on the drops: I do not feel any pressure, which I did in all other saddles!

But the "proof of the pudding" came when I had to make some commuting cycling, normally dressed with jeans : unbelievable, it seemed even more comfortable ( when training, I use shorts with not too much padding, anyway ) but being with jeans without any padding, was a surprise on the Dynamic. I could not believe it! Amazing.

As per the price, well, it is nor cheap but the best saddles around are not cheap anyway, so I considered a very good investment.

However, a word of advice: fine adjustments are crucial for the overall comfort and when you got it right, you are probably seated in one of the best saddles - if not the best - I have came across in 30 years of bicycling.

A great " do it all " saddle that justifies the price it has! And it is so well built and finished, that I suspect that it goes to last forever.

I have made the right choice and I am very happy with it, with no regrets!

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