Oval Concepts R700 Seatposts

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  • Low-profile seatpost
  • Internally ovalized shape
  • Infinitely adjustable seat angle
  • Lightweight saddle rails

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Balderick   Road Racer [Jan 02, 2007]

Nice design, comfortable and plenty of setback. Reasonably light weight. Narrow clamp, so no rubbing on the inner thigh.


Clamp mechanism is fidlly (but then most are) and the four bolts have retainers that are difficult to keep straight. Strength and longevity suspect, at least for heavier riders.

I purchased this seatpost to replace the OE post on my Giant TCR composite. The OE post failed (bonding between the carbon tube and al clamp) and was not able to provide the amount of rear setback I required. The Oval post has a neat design - no bonding, as the Carbon post bolts to the unique clamp, and it has plenty of available setback. So it seemed ideal. Unfortunately, it failed after just over 2 months, with one of the four bolts shearihng and one side of the carbon post developing a crack.

Similar Products Used: On a road bike, only the OE giant post and a Giant OE "Aero" post that I have been loaned by my LBS pending the warranty claim on the Oval post. The OE post was OK, and lasted 20,000k. The Aero loaner post is very stiff and has a very wide clamp, so the inner thigh rubs constantly.
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