Ritchey Pro Carbon Seatposts

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Ritchey Pro Carbon Seatposts 


  • Low profile clamp
  • Bolts oriented to the axis of the rails
  • Carbon/6061 Material
  • 300/350/400 Length


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[Dec 04, 2006]
Recreational Rider


Beautiful post, great finish top to bottom. Very effective clamping system. Improved ride quality vs. former alloy post.


Clamp bolts of lesser quality than WCS. Difficult to get post into seat tube...a very snug fit. How long will the fine finish last?

First impression, taking the post out of the box..."wow, this thing is fine!" Just a beautiful seatpost. But looks aren't everything, eh?

The saddle mounting system is a bit different from that on my alloy WCS post, which the Pro is replacing. The little wedges under the bolts are serrated, allowing a strong grip to the clamp. This seems to provide a slip-free situation, at least this far into my usage. The bolts themselves don't seem to have quite the same quality as those on the WCS, but they get the job done.

My post is 27.2, and I found it to be a tighter squeeze into the seat tube of my bike than the WCS was. I had to grease it lightly to get it to go in, but many folks would say you should always grease a seatpost anyway. Once in place and tightened, it doesn't move a bit under my 215 pounds. I know a lot of people complain about the WCS slipping...although I didn't have this problem, may be they are a bit undersized?

Ride quality? Every bit as good as the WCS, and probably a bit better in the shock-absorbing department. Placebo effect, maybe? I'mm using a 350mm post in a compact frame, so a good seatpost is a must. This one is fitting the bill well, so far.

I have to wonder...if I put my seatbag on, will the lettering rub off like it did on my WCS? I'd hate to have that happen, as this really is a great looking piece of bike jewelry. I also think the resale value of my old post has taken a serious hit due to the condition of the lettering. I'll probably keep it as a spare.

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Thomson post on my MTB (utilitarian to a fault), Bontrager sport (fair, nothing special), Weyless road (actually a decent product, though definitely no-frills), Ritchey WCS (a nice post, but it'll beat you to death in an aluminum frame)

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