Sampson Sports Inc. Stratics SL Seatposts

Stratics SL

The Stratics carbon seat post gets the SL designator as it is just that --Super Light! The Stratics post is made with a full monocoque design, meaning there is no head bonded in, which is why the SL post is able to offer up more than just super low weight-- it looks great too! The SL post features a top and bottom carbon seat rail cap, which is 25 mm long. The length is significant as having a longer support provides a larger amont of support for the seat rail. The SL post is competitve weight wise with those posts that utilize only a couple of rods that close down on your seat rail, but the SL offers a lot more support! A premium 6/4 titanium bolt is the proverbial cherry on top, for maximum strength and minimum weight. The Stratics SL post features a 6 mm hex for one-bolt adjustment, and offers 22 mm of set back, and easy tilt adjustment.