Alligator Bullet Proof Cable Kit Cables

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Bullet Proof Cable Kit

Compressionless housing structure strengthened with an aluminum spiral shell and reinforced with...

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icemonkey   Recreational Rider [Jun 02, 2011]

Work great, cheap, compression free and last forever.


Hard to near impossible to cut, stiff.

On my mountain bikes Ive been using the Super fortress kit for three years and was blown away by the quality. So I thought that the Bullet Proof would be just the thing for my Vintage Bianchi Campione D' Italia... Well to be honest, now installed, the cables work great, however if you dont have a sharp housing cutter dont even think about it. If you do (and I dont) they are terrific, although the super fortress kit is just as good and $5 cheaper but heavier. They really reduce friction and last and last and last.

Similar Products Used: Shimano (lighter and as good in the short term)
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