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Accelerator 10

Wheels Manufacturing Accelerator 10-Speed Cassette. FitsShimano hubs and Campy driveTrains. Features and Information Modified Ultegra and Dura-Ace cassettes permit use ofShimano compatible rear wheels with Campagnolo 10-speed driveTrains Item Specifications Color Chromica Drivetrain Spacing Campagnolo 10 Cassette BodyTypeShimano 9,Shimano 10

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Fritz T   Triathlete [Feb 05, 2015]

Spacing between cogs is correct for Campagnolo and it shifts mostly OK.


Will make the rear derailleur hit spokes on many hubs.
There's one spacer that's slightly wider than the others, as required for Campy spacing, but it's not marked and is impossible to tell from the others without a micrometer.

I really wanted this to work and I spent the big money to buy one directly from Wheels Mfg. It's a high quality product and is obviously well-made.It works fine and shifts well for 9 of 10 cogs.

When shifted onto the largest cog, my Record derailleur brushes the spokes. Wheels removes a couple of millimeters of material from the back of the cassette to move it inwards, because real Campy cassettes are slightly wider than Shimano cassettes and this is partly how Wheels compensates for that difference. I added as many spacers as I could behind the cassette - so that the smallest cog just barely catches the splines when tightened down. Derailleur still tings the spokes when mashed, like it usually would be when in the tallest cog grinding up a hill. Tried it with the three types of wheels/hubs I have, Dura Ace 7700, Novatec F482SB-SL, and a high flange Roval. Same thing to a differing degree with all three. The Dura Ace hub was the worst, the Roval just barely touched. I know these cassettes work fine with many wheels/hubs, but they didn't work out for me.

One other annoying thing is that there's one spacer that's about 0.15mm wider than the others, which is how real Campy cassettes are spaced. Wheels doesn't mark this spacer and it looks exactly the same as the others. If it's in the wrong place, the cassette won't shift right. Wheels makes no reference in its documentation to the fact that there's one special spacer. If you put it on a wheel once and never move it, it won't be an issue. But if you move it from wheel to wheel, keep careful track of which spacer is the special one.

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