WickWerks Cyclo-Cross Chainrings


Either way you spell it, Cyclocross or Cyclo-cross, the fun of the sport is the dread of the drive train. No worries, though. You've just found the WickWerks shifting advantage in the form of high-performance chainrings made to shift faster, shift more dependably, and shift even when conditions are rough. The radical chain ramps, we call it BRIDGE Technology. These are miles ahead of the typical pins used for shifting the chain. These are massive hands held out there to grab the chain and shift it NOW. And notice, there are lots of them -- shifting ramps made so your bicycle will shift when you ask it, even in slog of a tough cyclecross race. Rings are available for the standard Shimano compatible 110mm BCD and 130mm BCD 5-bolt cranks. They replace all the standard brands. Check out the specs for tooth counts and get just the right rings for your bike.