Shimano DURA-ACE CRANK FC-7701 Cranksets

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The racer's choice for top performance. Hollow crank arms maintain strength and rigidity with less weight.

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Veronikafan   Recreational Rider [Apr 10, 2007]

Light weight, stiff
Chainrings are durable and shift well.


Poor finish
Wide Q factor

I'm not positive how this model differs from the previous 7700 crankset; I think Shimano modified the Octalink interface slightly so that the aluminum splines wouldn't gall as easily. That's a good thing, because these are a little fussy to install. You really have to muscle the 8mm allen bolt to get them tight enough so that they don't loosen. It's a good idea with these (any any cranks) to check the tightness of the bolts after the first few rides. Now that Shimano has abandoned the Octalink design entirely, it makes you wonder what they thought was so great about it in the first place.
The Q factor, or width from pedal to pedal, is also a bit wider than the older 7400 cranks that I rode for so many years. This means your shoes tend to rub if you don't have a perfect pedal stroke, and the finish gets rubbed away pretty quickly.
These are certainly a step down from the previous Dura Ace cranks in terms of aesthetics and finish, although they are more attractive than the downright ugly 10 speed Dura Ace cranks.
On the positive side, the crankset is quite light weight, stiff, and the chainrings shift smoothly and last longer than the older, non-anodized rings.

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