Campagnolo 2004 Centaur Century Triple Group Groupos

2004 Centaur Century Triple Group

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kiwiguyinoz   Commuter [Apr 04, 2004]

Same mechanisums as Chorus and record but with less composites and exotic materials lowering the price. Weight and quality remain competitve though. Very few ppl use Campy so it has that cool factor, but this also becomes a weakness. Better than Ultrga all up, and was a lot cheaper too. Very fine tunable front deraillor. 5 for value as it works as well as the higher spec campy groups but costs less, 4 overall because the higher spec groups do cut weight (can't rate 4.5 but would if i could)


Spare parts not as easily available as Shimano. The Campy supplier also stuffed around sending my bike shop the correct spec parts

I got the grey triple centaur put on a new Jamis comet replacing all the Shimano Ultrega. I made the switch after reading all the reviews of campy and shimano on here. I chose centaur as its basically chorus without the expensive material, and only weighs a little bit more. Plus the grey looks great on a black and red bike! I like the ability to adjust the front deraillor so it doesn't touch the chain, but be carefull that the limits are correctly set! I threw the chain off the rings a number of time before realising the limits weren't set, and i've noticed the linkage has contacted the paint on the down tube by traveling to far inboard for the granny gear. The shift quality is harsher than shimano with a loud "CLAT" some of the gear shifts are so quite you only know it shifts by a change in chain tension. The brake pods are far more comfortable than what they replaced. And better looking without the large bulky pivoting mechanisum towards the front.

Similar Products Used: Old low spec Shimano (still used down tube index shifters)
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