Shimano Shimano Ultegra 9 Speed Upgrade Kit Groupos

Shimano Ultegra 9 Speed Upgrade Kit

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sjonesextreme   Road Racer [Nov 01, 2004]

More gears = Always Better


Left Lever sticky on Trim Feature. Hard to gem out front der.

I heard that Ultegra was going to 10 speed next year and got a great deal on 9 speed upgrade. I don't race any more so DA is not a requirement. Nice upgrade over my old Shimano 8 speed which was crapping out anyway. I went from 12-23 (8 spd) to 12-25 (9 spd)which allows me to stay in the big chain ring longer on lesser climbs. I had a little trouble adjusting the front deralleur, but finally got it straight after 3 test rides. My only beef is that the trim feature on left STI lever is a bit sticky and wants to throw the chain to little ring too often.

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