Shimano Ultegra Di2 6770 Groupos

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Ultegra Di2 6770

Shimano?s new Ultegra electronic shifting is faster and more accurate shifting than any mechanical system available on the market today. It is everything you want in your shifting system: short finger strokes and now with a simplified modular wiring syste

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Scott McBride   Recreational Rider [Apr 10, 2013]

Perfect crisp shifts every single time. Shift under load. Long battery life. Zero Maintenance. Waterproof. (I live in Seattle. This has been tested) One finger shifting. Can use Etube to change button configuration, and upgrade to 11sp.


Pricey but worth it. Can be mounted on non Di2 frame but best results require internal routing.

I am in love with Di2. I cannot believe how awesome it works, and is totally maintenance free. I've read some people talking about it being a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. To me it's not about solving a particular problem (Di2 does solve some problems) but more about increasing performance to a level not before seen. If you haven't ridden a hundred + miles on it you should try it today. It is awesome!

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