Campagnolo Mirage 10 Speed Rear Derailleur

Mirage 10 Speed

  • Composite body, alloy plates and cage

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Steve Audsley   Commuter [Jun 23, 2010]

Downshifts are accurate, although clunky.


Inaccurate up shifting. Noisy. Like Italian cars, campag is flashy but overpriced and unreliable.

You get what you pay for with this budget model. Hang on, its Italian Campag, so you get less than you pay for!
Its up-shifting was never accurate even with a new chain, I just couldn't trust it to hit the next gear. The big problem is you are stuck with campag and its expense unless you replace the whole drivetrain - just way too overpriced and to me outperformed by Shimano and Sram. The final straw was when some weird malfunction happened at speed on the 5th cog, the derailleur caught the spokes and went for a trip around the hub - you can imagine the carnage. This budget model created a super expensive repair bill. After the rebuild I'll sell the bike and go back to Shimano, ouch!

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