Eddy Merckx 1XM Carbon Frames

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1XM Carbon

Eddy Merckx 1XM

• Carbon fiber full monocoque front triangle bonded to carbon fiber rear stays.

• Hand made using T700 Tenax® and M40 fibers for strength, rigidity and elasticity and K149 aramid fibers for their dampening properties. The top layer is made from T300 Tenax® carbon fibers which enhances aesthetic by providing a continuous surface.

• No internal or external reinforcements of any other materials, eliminates creaking or movement of the frame.

• Carbon fork.

• Available in sloping sizes 43, 46, 48, 50, 52 and 54cm center-to-center.

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ironmandreamer   Recreational Rider [Jul 05, 2010]

The frame is very well built; and the finish top class. The BB is very stiff and beefy. EM frames are not the lightest but they are said to ride better than any other avaiable and I believe it. I'm 85kgs and on a hard 80km hills ride the frame didn't "creek" once where all of my other bikes would have and my bikes are always well maintained. I have to point out I paid a bargain price with the frame being a superseded model.


The odd size 29.4mm seatpost restricts choice but that's drawing a long bow.

I have been riding for 24 years and have been averaging 200km a week for the past 4 years. I have been riding an Eddy Merckx Gara of the same size and compact design since 2006.

The 1XM is an unbelievable step up. Besides being lighter (the Gara has a 2006 alloy Centaur group with carbon cranks whilst the 1XM has an all carbon Centaur group) the carbon just provides a much more comfortable ride. My strength as a rider is my ability to go long and my greatest weakness is climbing; the 1XM really made a noticable difference when climbing hills that I'm very familiar with.

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