Eddy Merckx 2004 LEADER Frames


  • Built with Easton Ultralight 7005 DB tubes
  • Weldable aluminum alloy that uses Zinc as the primary hardening element
  • The frame has a high fatigue strength, the ability of a design to absorb vibrations over time without being damaged
  • Maintains superb ride characteristics
  • It comes with a 1 1/8 inch carbon fork

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zoikz   Recreational Rider [Aug 28, 2005]

FAST, FAST, FAST. Best paint in the industry. Super fly lookin.


Ouch. Pretty darn stiff.

This was my first venture out of steel. Nothing wrong with the old ride, it was just a bit dated. Always having been a euro at heart and light in the wallet I jumped at this frame and put aside my aluminum bias and trusted the Cannibals reputation. Now some of it could be the super fly Mavic Ksyrium wheels, some of it could be the Cinelli Integrelator Bar/Stem and a lot is the frame. But when you step on this bike, it friggin rockets. Literally the first time I got out of the saddle I thought it was going to shoot out in front of me. Now that I am used to riding a scalded monkey, I can tell you that this is a super stable, predictible and very agile ride. The week I got this bike I went off the front of my local pack and never got pulled in (this never happened before this bike.) There is a problem here though. It doesn't ride as hard as I thought it would. But more than 40mi and it really starts to hurt. Not a big surprise I guess, that's why this is one of the lower lines. I'm shopping for either the team or a carbon eddy presently. If they ride like this one, and take the edge off...they are worth the money. One incidental think. Gita sports who import these bikes can kinda be pin heads. I don't think they really have much invested in Eddy, so the support you get is through them which is unfortunate.

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