Felt ZC Frames


  • Felt Classic UHC Performance MMC Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Felt UHC Performance Carbon Fiber Fork
  • Carbon Fiber 1.125 Steerer tube

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dhughes   Recreational Rider [Jan 21, 2012]

Comfortable and light. Great for century and double century rides where your spending long hours in the saddle.


None so far. Hopefully will last longer than the 2007 Z-1.

My 2009 Z-C is a replacement frame for the Z-1 I purchased in 2007 which cracked in several places near the bottom bracket. I am a big guy 6'2" 235lbs. I guess I put a lot of stress on bike frames especially when climbing. I have put 4000 miles on this frame. It is a very comfortable, light, and nimble frame. The bike is great on climbs and I've used it in a few races and it does fine. I am in my fifties so my back loves the relaxed geometry. Hopefully, this frame will not have the issues of my original Z-1, which Felt replaced for free. The bike had over 9000 miles on it.

Similar Products Used: I'm not a bike collector so my experiences are limited. I've owned a Trek560, and my first Z replaced a Klein Q-Carbon Pro.
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