Ibis Cycles Inc. 2001 Sonoma Ti Frames

2001 Sonoma Ti

  • New for 2001
  • Custom Ti 3AI/2.5v tubeset
  • Ovalized and tapered chainstays increase rigidity
  • Custom geometry available

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    jwinn   Recreational Rider [Sep 27, 2001]

    The best ride on earth.


    Myself. I just wish I was worthy.

    I waited 5 months for the frame, and still don''t take anything off of it''s rating. I rode some of the best bikes available: Merlin, Merckx, Litespeed, Calfee, you name it. Before my first ride, I thought, "how could this be any better than the others?" Nothing comes close. It''s hard to describe. I guess it feels like I am completely unencumbered on this bike, as if I weren''t riding anything at all. I move and she responds, a unifying symbiosis. Solid, unwavering, glorious. There is no road bike I would rather ride, no componet I would upgrade. My cup runneth over. I can only look forward to the scores of years and thousands of miles we will share.

    Similar Products Used: Tried most Ti manufacturers. Nothing rides like this.
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