Leader Bike LD 721TR Frames

LD 721TR

  • Aero 55mm down tube
  • 55mm BB drop
  • 120mm rear spacing
  • 6061 double butted aluminum

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dunbar   Commuter [Jun 29, 2010]

Light, stiff, responsive, and cheap


Aluminum feels thin

First off, I bought the V2 version of this frame, and I can say that they completely fixed the dropout problems from the previous version. A 23c tire can fit slammed all the way in the dropouts, so far from what I tried. Anyways, this bike is amazing for the price. This bike is pretty much my transition from riding steel bikes. It is stiff, light, and very responsive. It is made of aluminum, so the ride is not all that comfortable on the streets. But I bought the leader carbon steel fork and it made it more comfortable. Another downside is that the aluminum feels very thin, which makes it noisy sometimes. Another downside for some people are the welds. It doesn't bother me, but it may bother some people. Again, I think this bike is amazing and is a great beginner track bike for people who are new to riding fixed gear in general.

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