Opera Giorgione Frames


The Giorgione is constructed from Easton Scandium SC7000 tubing called Opera Domina. This sophisticated tubeset features both internal and external butting that is specific to each and every size. This makes the frame as light as possible but reinforces high stress areas at the tube joints.
The Giorgione also adds the CRS full carbon fiber seatstay monostay found the Pinarello Prince which dampens vibration while adding more torsional stiffness.

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Doug Page   Recreational Rider [Apr 11, 2009]

Light weight, crisp handling


Price; now almost $3000. for frame/fork/headset/seatpost

I bought this bike as an update from my Pinarello Galileo. Operas are made in the Pinarello factory. My Giorgione climbs like a scalded cat, and the handling is razor sharp. My Pinarello was also a super handling bike. I am able to descend much faster with either Pinarello made bike than I ever could with my Cannondale. The Opera always seems to say to me; "come on, you sissy- we could have taken this turn two times faster than that!"I definitely would recommend this frame.

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