Orbea Spirit Carbon Frames

Spirit Carbon

No steel frame is more advanced than the Spirit Carbon. It is aerospace technology hand crafted in Spain. We have combined the two best riding materials known to man‹triple butted, air hardened Columbus Spirit steel and the brawny Columbus Muscle carbon fiber composite seatstays. Light, lively and responsive, Spirit Carbon is the most refined, comfortable example of the legendary Orbea handling.

1620g (54cm frame weight)

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gcabaltica   Recreational Rider [Nov 07, 2007]

Relatively light and a good climber for a steel frame.
Rides smooth and comfortable.
Looks beautiful


A little heavy, but hey, it's steel . . sorta.
Not ideal an ideal racer/climber
Hard to find/replace
Again, all ORBEAS Cable routing positioning on the headtube make them prone to Cable rub, and their KLEIN level attention to Paint makes it even more noticeable, regrettable when it happens
Steel is very sensitive to moisture meaning they have to be treated with frame saver or a linseed oil derivative every tune up

I was looking for a steel frame on Ebay and came upon the ORBEA ULTRA FOCCO Steel/Carbon '05 now called the Sprint Although the ULTRA Focco may be lighter having thinner walls. I decided to go for it although it was very different than the more traditional vintage Steel frames I set out to find. Modern technology and geometry using vintage materials mixed with modern carbon was too enticing not to try, And though I rarely ride this frame, I am glad I did. It looks great hanging in my garage next to my 2 other Orbea Starships, but I have road it enough to know that it is the best riding steel "related" frame out thre . . . period!

It feels lighter than most 7000 series aluminum frames and spins, sprints and climbs as well as some mid range race specific frames. The Carbon Seatstays/Fork and stiff steel gives it an all carbon feel on the flats and descents. The heavier weight and methodical handling reminds me that it is steel however. In short, it is more like a carbon frame than an uber all-Aluminum frame like the Arin or starship. If it were stolen, I would find/buy another one . . if I could find one.

I have the Black and Grey Ultra Focco that looks like something Darth Vader would ride. Like the Starship, The ULTRA Focco will be increasingly Rare which is why I scooped it up when I saw it and haven't seen another one on eBay since. I rarely ride it because of it's pristine condition and I forgot to spray Frame Saver inside of it before I built it up, but I have other frames that probably ride better making this the Ford Cobra Jet in my garage.

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