ROI Bike Monster Frames


  • High-Module Carbon Monocoque Frameset
  • Specially designed and tested Amadeus Puma Tubing

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Dean Denning   Recreational Rider [Jul 19, 2007]

Great looks and comfort. Handles and responds very well. I only put out about 400W but I couldn't feel any flex in the frame or wheels when accelerating.


The seat post is a very tight fit to the frame and it difficult to install.
The campy shifters and brakes are tough to reach when on the drops.
The two buttons on the top of the campy shifters are annoying when needing to shift when in the drops. Much prefer Dura ace.

This is my first all carbon bike. I've taken the bike on 3 70 plus mile rides and it is a very comfortable ride. I don't feel the neck and and upper back pain I sometimes get with my Al/Sc frame. Along with the Topolino Ac29 and Hutchinson fusion tires, the bike feels stable and sure footed even at 35+ mph and in crosswinds.

Similar Products Used: My other bike is Dura Ace, Ksyrium, Al/Sc frame
Showing 1-1 of 1