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S-Works Langster

Designed for everyone from competitive track racers to hard core urban commuters, the singlespeed Langster is an icon for pure and ruthless efficiency and unforgiving speed. If one of our A1 Premium Aluminum models isn't enough to satisfy those in search of their perfect track missile, maybe our new steel Langster with classic track geometry will do the trick.

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Local Hero   Road Racer [May 09, 2012]

This is a world-class track bike.


Mine was used. It belonged to some hipster who spraypainted the fork. It's dinged up. The weakness? Specialized isn't making this model right now and I have to ride a used bike. Hopefully they'll reintroduce an S-works Langster in 2013.

After a season of track racing, I was readl to upgraded away from my Motobecane Team Track. I scored an older S-Works Langster off craigslist, with white lettering on a black frame. I test rode/raced a LOOK 464 and seriously considered it (another great bike). But at half the price of the LOOK, I'm happy I bought the used S-Works Langster. The performance and value are just better.

The bottom line: This is a great bike.

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