Torelli Imports Super Countach Frames

Super Countach

The lugs are Pavesi investment castings throughout. The fork blades and front triangle are Columbus Neuron Nivachrome Oversize tubing. The rear triangle is Columbus Brain.

  • Sizes. 48 to 62 in even sizes.

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    Stan   Recreational Rider [Aug 05, 2000]

    Steel is for Real! Smooth, comfortable, but not flexy-- a supple ride. Stiff enough, great paint (10 colors to choose from or even more for more $$), taped, faced, and alligned all perfectly by Torelli. Old world craftsmanship that you CAN notice.


    Weight if you are a weight freak. the frame is 4.1 pounds for a 56 (c-c), and is no where close to light in this day. That's about it!

    Torelli bikes have as good a compromise as I've felt between stiffness and comfort. The OS steel makes them feel solid. The bike is comfortable over the long haul. They decend with great stability, and the paint is superb (if you get the US paint job).

    You can spend more on Italian steel, but you should not have to. The bikes in the Torelli lineup are all nice. They import fewer than 1000 frames a year. That means you get quality handbuilt and painted frames! Some are made by Mondonico and Son. Even the cheapest TIG frame still has a nice fork crown with brazed joints. You are paying for labor and design for these frames. They don't disappoint!

    The reason why I opted for the Super Countach is that it is the cheapest frame built using "pinned construction." How many companies still do that from Italy?? Attention to detail pays off, if you are willing to spend the time to notice.

    I think it would be a great bike for people who are "soul riders." Crit people-- well that's a tough one. you can
    really race anything, but weight freaks probably should consider AL or carbon. bike weighs 19.5 pounds for a 52CM. Not bad considering I don't have high end anything. Also, the weight of your wheels is a bigger factor. If you went with steel and got DA or Chorus/Record with a top of the line wheel, I don't see how you could blame an extra pound and a half of non-rotating mass. I bet you could shave 1-2 pounds easy off my bike. There you go!

    Happy Riding!!

    Similar Products Used: Derosa SLX, Cannondale CAAD 3, Holland (borrow it from a friend), Older bob jackson fixed gear (same friend).
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