Giant Tran Sport DX Commuter Bike

  • 24-speed drivetrain to tackle the urban jungle
  • Unity Comfort Groove saddle for cycling comfort
  • Front and rear racks that expand along with your cargo

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Giantcypress1   Commuter [Oct 18, 2009]

Racks are awesome. The Alivio componants work just as good as my Fuji with XT at more than half the price. The trekking bars offer great hand positions.


The foam grip tape stuff on the bars suck. Replace with cork bar tape. Although not a weakness the rims are deep dish with scharder ports, spo you need tubes with extended scharder stems. Hard to find in 26" at LBS. Needed to order for spares, so I got four.

I have had the Trans Sport now for over a year and it has handled everything I have rode it on flawless. I use it for city commuting, rail trails, general riding. The racks hold a ton of stuff. The stock seat is very good but will be replaced by a Brooks Flyer this winter. I changed out the tires to Bontrager Comfort. This is going to be my ride on the Erie Canal Trail ride(400+ miles).

Similar Products Used: I have a Giant Cypress DX that i have added racks, trekking bars, Brooks seat, panniers and fenders. I ues that also for commuting and for road touring.(700c)
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