Schwinn Cruiser SS Cruiser Bike

  • Classic ’55 designed Schwinn Cantilever frame
  • Classic two-tone Schwinn 2-spring saddle
  • Schwinn whitewall Typhoon cruiser tire
  • Light and corrosion resistant alloy wheels
  • Shimano coaster brake

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cruzernut77   Commuter [Dec 10, 2009]

Steel frame, astheteclly pleasing with 2 tone paint and accents, good geomety, beautiful paint, relaible, simple


poor quality crankset(get's loose time from time) Not a chicago schwinn!

I bought my 2008 Schwinn Cruiser SS about 6 months ago to replace my 01 Scwhinn SS that I got in an accident with. Overall im satified with the bike it has beautiful 2 tone green paint. I get compliments everywhere I go. It rides smooth and is the most comfortable cruiser I've ever owned. When it comes to cruisers Schwinn's got it nailed! I love the steel frame compared to aluminum it's stronger and absorbs more shock. I have had a problem with the chain coming off and always have with various other cruisers, but a new stronger chain always seems to fix it. The cranks are of poor quality as well as the fenders Schwinn uses now but everything else is great for the price. Very realiable, I'm aproaching 500mi on my new one without any major problems and my old one had well over 3,000 and rode great until i got hit that is. Quality of the bike is good but not as great as it could be so keep up on the maintanance. Bottom line: Great bike for the price and the ride and classic style is uncomparable!

Similar Products Used: 01 Scwhinn cruiser, various vintage schwinns, Scwhinn Heavi Duti, vairous 3 speeds,06 Del Sol Shorliner(junkiest bike i've ever owned!)
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