Foundry Cycles Harrow Cyclocross Bike

The Harrow is designed from the ground up to maximize flex where you want it and minimize flex where you don’t. The frame’s tubes are shaped to deliver a comfortable ride while making the most of every bit of energy you put into it. The bike’s energy-efficient frame is complimented by a revolutionary Whisky thru-axle disc fork which stiffens the front of the bike, allowing the Harrow to track confidently and predictably through corners and standing sprints like no ‘cross bike before it.

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CoachHbrook   [Apr 08, 2014]

Frame is excellent, perfect platform for upgrading. Whiskey fork is SOLID and tracks far better than the FACT fork on the crux I had. Geometry is a bit different from other brands and fits well for me. BB7 brakes spec'd with a solid 105 group.


B3 version is a little heavy. Wheelset is heavy. For a 3k bike it would be nice to spec something a bit lighter like Stans Iron Cross. Gossamer crankset is heavy.

This bike fits and feels better than the aluminum crux expert I had before it. Part of this is the geometry of course. However, the lateral stiffness and the way the thru-axle fork tracks show that some work and thought has been put into this frame. For all of it's stiffness, the bike isn't bouncy or jarring off road. It's a CX race bike and rides like it keeping the rider planted and ready to put the power down. The finish on the bike is awesome and has held up well. 10yr warranty on the frame. I was also impressed with the new 105 10spd. Shifts better than the SRAM Force group on my crux did even after professional work on it. This bike is confidence inspiring and seems to really help keep the bike moving where you point it.

Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend this bike as a solid platform for racing. Durable, great frame, and a great company.

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