Orbea Terra Cyclocross Bike

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Orbea is all about performance, and competition is oftentimes where performance is tested to the max. And there?s hardly a discipline that is more intense than cyclocross. For this, there is the Orbea Terra. It's a race bike, designed specifically for the demands of 'cross, though we all know that cyclocross bikes are that and much, much more.Orbea molds the Terra frame and fork as monocoque structures. They're pulled from the molds as a single-piece unit lacking any bonded joints where failures, either structural or cosmetic, can occur. And with fibers running continuously along the length of the tubes and through the intersections, the total strength of the bike is increased along with the durability. This is a big deal for a 'cross bike that is intended to take a serious pounding. The Terra is made with Orbea's Silver grade, high modulus carbon fiber. This material gives it a just-right blend of stiffness, strength, and light weight. Orbea also uses what they term as SSN (size specific nerve) technology. This ensures that they can produce frames that offer the same comfort and performance characteristics across the size range. To do this, they make each frame size with its own specific lay-up schedule and tube dimensions.The Terra borrows some design cues from both the skinny and fat tire line-ups in the Orbea fleet. The head tube styling and seatpost clamp design evoke the racy attitude of the Orca road frame. And there's more to it than style. The head tube is tapered to offer the same benefits ? steering precision and stability over rough surfaces. This helps the Terra feel planted when you slam over frozen ruts and slick, off-camber root infested corners. The rear triangle borrows the 4 Point technology that Orbea unveiled on the Alma 29er. The triangle is the stiffest geometrical structure in compression (think bumping over something on the trail). What Orbea has done is to create a four sided structure on the rear of the Terra to allow a degree of deflection to occur at the dropouts. It works, and it makes the bike more comfortable over bumps. And the best part, it won't affect the stiffness of the bike and its ability to put your power to the ground.Another detail that optimizes the Terra for 'cross racing is the asymmetrical top tube. Its rounded triangular shape makes shouldering the bike easier and more comfortable. The cables all run along the right side of the top tube. This way they will never get in your way. They can?t pinch your neck, and you won?t accidentally shift your bike when you grab the down tube to bring it up to your shoulder. Orbea's DCR (direct cable routing) uses a full-length liner to effectively seal the inner wires from muck and grime, ensuring long-lasting performance from your shifting system.The Terra also uses a BB30 bottom bracket. This adds performance by increasing stiffness where it counts. At the bottom bracket, you'll enjoy a 30% stiffer and lighter aluminum spindle compared to standard external bearin

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