Wilier Cross Carbon Cyclocross Bike

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As lovers of all things Italian, and with 'cross season looming over our heads, we were disappointed that we couldn't get our hands on a Wilier cyclocross frame here in the US. So, we approached Wilier about our frustrations, to which Wilier retorted with characteristic panache, 'we'll make one for you.' Although we were taken aback, we immediately seized the opportunity, and the result is our exclusive, Wilier Cross Carbon. Representing the Wilier hallmarks of beauty, prestige, and sheer speed, the Cross Carbon still isn't afraid to get a little dirty. So, for all of you who've been waiting with bated breath for a Wilier 'cross frame, you're welcome.Wilier's Carbon cross is made from a calculated blend of three carbon fibers -- T-700SC, Intermediate Modulus M30J, and 60-ton carbon fibers. We know what you're thinking -- looks like an arbitrary collection of letters and numbers. However, this combination of carbon directly equates to weight savings, rigidity, and durability. Each element of carbon plays a vital role in achieving these attributes. The 60t carbon is strategically placed for strength. In fact, this material is capable of withstanding 60 tons of pressure per square millimeter. And while this sounds like a bulky carbon to use, the opposite is true. Wilier adheres to a simple logic when building frames -- the stronger the carbon, the less is needed. This philosophy keeps the overall weight down without sacrificing either strength or stiffness. And to further guarantee stiffness, the M30J fiber was used. With its unidirectional design, M30J takes advantage of a simple calculus -- a fiber of carbon is strongest when straight. Unlike a woven fiber, M30J's orientation creates a load path that promotes a heightened sensation of lateral and torsional rigidity. What does this mean? Simple. When your frame flexes less under the load of your force and weight, more energy is transferred throughout the bike, and you go faster. But that's enough of the engineering and science lesson -- how does the Cross Carbon handle in the mud?It handles aggressively. In fact, it's incredibly fast, and this is due in part to the frame's geometry. With a 72 degree head tube angle and tight wheel base, the Cross Carbon is more in tune with a road bike than your standard, cookie-cutter 'cross frame. However, the Cross Carbon is still very much at one with muck and majesty of 'cross racing. The frame has clearances that can accommodate up to a 32mm tire, and as you expected, it features integrated studs to accept cantilever arms. To ensure that your braking and shifting aren't encumbered by either mud or shouldering of the frame, Wilier routed the cables on the top of the top tube. Most importantly though, to make sure that your body isn't berated by off-road vibration, Wilier gave the seatstays a wishbone design to aid in the frame's vertical compliance. And further adding to the dissipation of chatter, the Cross Carbon also comes equipped with a full-carbon fiber




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