Pake Rum Runner Fixie Bike

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This is a frameset that can be ridden hard and put away wet. We use Tange tubing, because it’s got a heritage of quality and a responsive feel. We know that the everyday cyclist needs a bike they can count on, day-in and day-out. From there we offered a bike that everyone could get behind: a solid platform for a multitude of fixed and single-speed builds. The beauty of the frame for us is that it keeps the track spirit, yet has never limited itself. For 2011, we aren't messing with proven design. We are keeping the 1-1/8" head tube for strength and the strong but sleek straight blade fork, and of course giving you color options. Use the Color Lab to experiment with over 50 frame/fork color combo's.

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Chait   [Dec 11, 2015]

Stiff. Burly. Excellent Geometry with steep angles, short chainstays, and a high bottom bracket which make this a twitchy, quick urban assault bike that compromises where it needs to for comfort and smoothness.


It's a stiff frame so you can expect to feel bumps in the road. I've gotten used to standing over the rougher stuff. It's a track bike really so what do you expect. A little heavy at nearly 4.75 pounds for my 57cm.

Fantastic frame for a workhorse urban fixed gear bike. This isn't an imitation. The geo has been around for a long time as has the rush which is it's less burly/stiff and lighter cousin. This is a great starting point for a non vain Fixie build.

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