Downtube FS Folding Bike

  • The Downtube 2008 FS ( 9 speed full suspension) folding bicycle. Upgrades for the 2008 model include:
  • Preload adjustable transarch suspension fork. ( biggest upgrade from 2007 )
  • Alloy lower stem
  • Rear disc tabs
  • Lightweight and easy to fold alloy pedals.
  • Low rise bars
  • Upgraded crank and Bottom Bracket
  • Alloy and stainless frame and stem quickreleases
  • Machined sidewall rims
  • A full pound lighter than the 2007 model!

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    mark55   Recreational Rider [Sep 20, 2008]

    folding bike works well. Solid frame.


    The front shock is a bit soft and is noticeable when pedaling up steep hills.

    Also, the steering tube should be thicker as it bends a bit if you put pressure on it when pedaling uphill.

    Poor quality components.

    Poor quality control.

    This is the 9 sp suspension bike. Overall I now like the ride. I keep it in my car and stop at a national park on my way home from work and ride.

    I expected a good bike with good components since I was buying direct from the importer. I got a decent frame with poor quality components. By the time I replace all the cheap components, I paid as much as if I had gone to a bike store and bought a quality folding bike.

    The good:
    nice full suspension frame.
    Good tech support.

    The bad: While tech support is good warrenty support is non-existant. Parts promised (the brakes were never sent). Other broken parts like the non-adjustable shock cap was offered for $10 plus shipping.

    Components are cheap:
    Front and Back brake pivots had a lot of play. So much so that the brake to rim distance had to be excessive. One adjuster was broken as received. I ended up buying A Nashbar V-brake that was MUCH better.

    The bottom bracket loosed after 15 miles which is normal for a new bike but after I adjusted it, it loosened again by the end of the next ride. After going through this routine for a couple of more times I replaced it with a sealed isis unit and replaced the cheap pressed spider with a Nasbar isis special deal. Haven't had a problem since with the "clicky-clicks" on a ride.

    The rear derailleur shifted badly. Since it had lot of play in the non-adjustable pivots, I replaced it with a shimano XT special, again from Nashbar. I also replaced the cheap cassette rear cluster with a name brand one. Voila! No more shifting problems.

    The shifters and brake levers also have a lot of play and they are next on the list to replace.

    The pedals appear to be nice folding ones, but again poor quality. One side developed lot of play after 100 miles and could not be adjusted. I replaced them with a bigger platform pedal with a cleat on one side.

    Wheels: Hubs seem to be OK. I did have to true the wheels.

    Similar Products Used: The rear shock is great. Smooths out those bumps on dirt roads/trails.
    Francis Mulleady   Commuter [Apr 18, 2008]

    Good looks, excellent value and very capable bike on and off-road. I'm really pleased with it. As good a many bikes twice the price.


    Limited luggage carrying options but not a worry for me. I use rucksack.

    Very good bike with suspension and perfect for taller riders.

    Similar Products Used: Dahon and Brompton folders.
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