Jamis Explorer 1.0 Hybrid Bike

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Our entry-level Explorer’s lightweight aluminum chassis and 21-speed drivetrain make it a superb in-town speedster and fitness bike almost anyone can afford. And because it’s not a one-size-fits-all bike like those department store specials you know it will fit you properly, with the correct weight distribution for more comfort, better handling and safety.

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scott Lawson   Recreational Rider [Jul 05, 2008]




looks cool


slow on some paved roads

no shocks

I moved from Boston to Western Massachusetts, and I wanted a Bike to enjoy the wooded trains and dirt roads, as well as ride on city streets and go into downtown.

I was driving back home with my wife, and found a old guy selling a bunch of bikes on his front lawn in front of his house. Most of the bikes were too small for me, but on the end of the line was a black mountain bike with semi-swept handlebars. It was a Jamis Explorer. I paid $45 dollars cash for the bike, and immediately replaced the old worn out tires with some fatties.

I hit the trails of Central Mass, and covered just about every State recreation area. I found the ride a little hard (no shocks) So i bought a gel seat, and some yeti grips, and everything was just fine.

I don;t get too hardcore on the thing, but for riding on logging roads and fire trails, it is fine. As far as street riding? Well, going uphill can be a bit of a lug, but anywhere else the thing is quite smooth and quick. The position and style of the handlebars makes all of the difference.

It has shimno brakes and a stock shifter that is okay, but not as good as shimano, but for less than 50 bucks, what do ya want?

I have owned the bike for nearly 10 years, and have had no complaints. I pounded on it without mercy and it has never failed me.

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