Cannondale Synapse Carbon 6 Road Bike

Synapse Carbon 6

  • Frame: Synapse Carbon S.A.V.E BB30
  • Fork: Synapse S.A.V.E., carbon blades
  • Tires: Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Slick, 700 x 23c, foldable
  • Rear Cogs: SRAM PG-950, 12-26
  • Handlebars: Cannondale C3, 31.8

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Turtle Torque   Recreational Rider [Jun 29, 2011]

Frame. Very well made and stiff. I dont know if it's a marketing gimick, but the SAVE rear doesnt flex for me. I'm a 175lbs rider and I didnt notice any flex, but wow does it dampen road vibration. like the apex group and the 11-32 cassette. If you're getting back into biking...this is the cassette you need. It will help you with climbing until you build your leg strength/spin.


Saddle is ok. It's nicely padded, but felt little too padded and wider around the nose and I was getting pain then numbness around the perineal area, so I replaced the with specialized toupe expert saddle. the Shimano R500 wheels are heavy. almost 2000gr. That's just the wheels. You wont get a quick snap take off with those wheels. I replaced them with Mercury S-Alloy wheels. Schawlbe Laguna Tires. They just didnt roll well with me so I replaced them with Schwable Ultremo ZX tires. for $1699, I would expect the components on this model, so I'm not complaining since I was expecting this. I chose this bike because I wanted to upgrade components that I like and know that will work for me. So please take it with a grain of salt.

Got back into road biking after 3 years off. family stuff, you know how that goes. I knew I wanted to go carbon and been keeping my eye on the synapse for a long time. I actually came close to getting the madone 4.1 and decided synapse was a better bike to me not to mention $300 cheaper. I had a Caad8 R800 and it was one stiff bike and I felt spread out. Maybe it's just me getting older, but the synapse felt way more comfortable. I did a 40 mile bike ride on my 6th time on the saddle and next day my back wasnt even close to being sore. Carbon does give a nice ride. It dampens the road vibration very well and the SRAM components is delight to use. I felt at home right off the bat using SRAM which I was little concern since I used nothing but Shimano for 5 years. Very easy to get use to. The bike felt like a bull dancing with a ballerina. It had the finesse and grace moving the bike around and a bull like charging for the red cape with strength and stiffness all at once. Compared to Specialized Robouix and Madone 4.1 at price tag of $2100. Cannondale Apex carbon 6 for $1699 is a great deal!

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