Carrera Veleno RN Road Bike

Don’t accept an ordinary bike. Veleno is a concentration of new ideas that talk about the future: aesthetic charm, immediate acceleration, guaranteed comfort on long distances, total absence of resonance on fast sections, artisanal quality and customization. every minimal detail allows one to gather the effort and care that Podium’s design departments apply to their work, to create a competition frame where one can appreciate the lightness, torsional rigidity, and the instant response to mechanical strain thanks to the reduced deformation of the monocoque. superior technology, durable comfort and perfect geometry, at a price that makes the Veleno not just an entry level frame, but a frame that Podium has created to allow everyone a thrill at every pedal stroke. if you want a fast, strong and light bike, adapt for every chore you intend to undergo with your bike choose Veleno : don’t be an ordinary cyclist.