Felt Z65 Road Bike

Felt Z series "relaxed geometry" bike. Top of the alloy/carbon frame series.

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cyberdecker   Recreational Rider [Sep 21, 2007]

Smooth, fast, well equiped, reasonably light 17.7lbs. Extremely comfortable.


I'm still looking.

Let me start by saying "WOW" what a nice bike.
I bought this bike to replace the Trek hybrid I have been riding for the past couple years. I bought that when I stopped running and wanted to see if I could get into and stick with riding. I thought the suspension ride and upright seating would be more fitting at my age (54)instead of the drop bar road bikes I have always had. Well, I came to find out that I, in fact, still love riding and that I am not really "that" old after all.
I had not heard of the Felt company until I started looking for a new bike. I saw their F55 at my LBS and was thoroughly impressed. I also realized that this was a serious racing bike and maybe not exactly what I was looking for. While researching the brand further, I noticed the newly released Z series of "relaxed geometry" bikes and tracked one down for a test ride. Bottom line - this thing fit me like a glove. I am 5'8" and the 56 frame is perfect. I also tested a Lemond Versailles at the same time. A very nice bike but it stretched me out more than I was comfortable with and I did not find the ride all that buttery smooth, full carbon or not. I find that the Felt soaks up the bumps much better. I wanted to like the Lemond. The shop had a slightly used one for $800 but it just was not the right bike for me. I realize that fit is a personal thing. All I am saying is that if you are interested in a top quality bike of the relaxed geometry variety like the Lemond Versailles or the Cannondale Synapse or the Giant OCR, please take a look at a Felt "Z". For the same money, those other bikes give you 105 components, if that. I am not going to go into all of the specs, you can look that up easily enough and you will see that this is no cruiser. Do not let the relaxed thing fool you. This bike has lots of adjustment to suit a wide range of riding. Comfort, speed and value - I like it.

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