Lapierre Xelius EFI Road Bike

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Luxurious.Liquids   Road Racer [Nov 11, 2014]

Stiffness, turn confidence, smooth, wheel value


Tires, 105 chain & cassette (instead of Ultegra)

This frame has a phenomenal feel to it's ride. A zesty one, but not so twitchy it's hard to ride without your hands. I still remember the first hill I did on it, because it just "wanted" to climb faster. After many miles, I've also realized that the Xelius has a vibration dampening aspect that outdoes my previous carbon bikes. (Fuji Altamira, Jamis Xenith, Felt F)

As for things on the frame, it's the first 11-speed drivetrain I've ridden. No complaints there except that it's not all Ultegra. But I think that's just a tiny weight compromise. The wheels are great all-rounders that are an adequate match that I've bought as upgrades for other bikes. The Mavic tires are the first thing I'll change though, because they're obviously not lasting as long as Conti Grand Prix 4000s or Michelin Pro4.

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