Litespeed Archon C2 Road Bike

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Enhanced semi-sloping road race geometry LITESPEED CARBON!
Unique Aero shrouded water bottle mounting
Latest BB30 bottom bracket technology optimum use of today's stiffest and lightest drive components
Integrated seat mast design reduces weight and improves aerodynamics aerodynamic design enhancement with no weight penalty. A great climbing bike with a true Aero advantage on descents.
Litespeed's engineers have varied the tubing proportions, cross sections, carbon lay-up and profiles to ensure the optimized ride quality and performance throughout the full range of sizes.
Morphed seat stays were designed to increase aero performance, stiffness and ride comfort.

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nicopausan   Triathlete [Nov 23, 2010]

1. The design and Carbon technology of this bike has something different that I cannot tell, the ride is very smooth and the shifting with Ultegra SL is just quiet and very efficient on the power transfer due to the massive bottom bracket BB30.
2. The back of the bike is lighter than the front! I think that makes the ride softer and faster, my time improved about 2 minutes in my time trial with road geometry better than my TT bike.
3. The design Rocks! I know that is important!
4. On the curves and descending, the bike just behaves like a very comfortable car, the speed seems to slow! You are going fast and it seems that you can go faster, so be-careful!
5. The bike weights 15.8 pounds, I am a heavy rider, and the flex is almost none existent! Great climbing bike the semi slope geometry helps me, the massive bottom bracket makes it easier on the stroke, and you will feel it for sure!


1. If you want this bike to be what it can be, you need to spend some big bucks! If you put low end gear the bike can get heavy, however the benefits are there, (geometry, material...) but if you put wheels with flexing defect the climbing might be hard.
2. Price.....
3. to nice to wreck it! It will be a great lost! Titanium has a BIG + on that.

I sold my other 3 bikes and bought part by party this bike trying to make it work with my budget.
VERY HAPPY! Great bike, soft ride, FAST... no doubts! Great looking bike as well.
It is a 2010 model.

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