Marinoni USA Strada Road Bike

The steel frame was designed to solve the problems related to track bikes use on the road.

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Sean C   Commuter [Oct 13, 2010]

See above, the customization potential, and the almost none sloping top tube


cranks are kinda cheap on the lower spec. model, that's about it!

This bike is stiff, steel, and has fantastic geometry, fast, but not too much toe overlap. It looks GREAT!
I love being able to custom order paint colours, decal colours, braze ons, and long travel brakes to allow room for fenders (rains a lot here in Vancouver BC) it is so custom. The guys fitted me at the store and walked through ordering (I even ordered chrome stays) It rides really well, the wheels are strong, and true. This is not the lightest bike, but you could feasibly pull off the brakes and hit the track. Awesome, just what I was waiting for

Similar Products Used: so many, but usually converted 10 speeds turned into single speeds
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