Olmo Zeffiro VCT Crome Road Bike

Zeffiro VCT Crome

Olmo’s top range carbon frame is the Zeffiro VCT Crome.

Built in the Oria factory in Padua, Italy, the frame is composed of fibers of different compositions.

First, Unidirectional high module Carbon (T700) which gives the frame great resistance and rigidity.

Second, Vectran, a new concept super fiber which is two times more resistant and five times lighter than steel.

Third, Kevlar, which gives a toughness to the frame in case of crashes and falls.

Fourth, Boron/Carbon, a very hard and rigid new composite material placed in the zones of the frame subject to torsional stress.

The result of this mix of fibers is a frame of extreme rigidity against torsional and side stress. It gives the bicycle very good stability during high speed rides and on turns. It also is highly efficient when pedaling uphill. The shape of the rear triangle gives it more comfort on rough road surfaces.

The Zeffiro VCT Crome has aggressive new graphics and is offered in 5 sloping sizes (S-M-L-XL-XXL).

The Zeffiro VCT is assembled with the latest composite material innovations and has the comfort and security to stand up to stresses of the road.

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bfree   Road Racer [Jul 25, 2009]

Latest carbon composite materials
Integrated seat mast
Dura Ace Di2 electronic gruppo
Great carbon look
Total weight (excluding water bottles): 15 lbs.



I recently purchased a 2009 OLMO Zeffiro VCT Crome from ERA Ski & Bike Shop, 830 Flory Mill Rd., Lancaster, PA 17601. This is my second OLMO. I also have a 2006 OLMO Zeffiro. The new Zeffiro uses the latest OLMO carbon fiber technology. It has unidirectional high module carbon (T700), Vectran super fiber, Kevlar (for toughness) and Boron/Carbon (for torsional stress) which gives the frame fantastic handling qualities.

I especially like the integrated seat mast. It offers measurable benefits, both in increased rigidity as well as a reduction in weight.

Cornering on the Zeffiro VCT with the integrated seat mast is amazing. Diving into corners is sometimes chancy but this setup gives me confidence that it can handle it smoothly.

The owners of the shop, Greg & Todd Kreider made sure that I was fitted properly because once you cut the seat tube there is no turning back.

The Zeffiro is a very comfortable ride. It has great stability at high speed and is highly efficient when pedaling uphill.

To complete the ride, ERA installed the Dura Ace Di2 electronic component gruppo. I'm in heaven. Most bicycles are evolutionary. This setup is revolutionary!

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