Pinarello FP Team/Shimano Ultegra 6700 Road Bike

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FP Team/Shimano Ultegra 6700

The team in the name of the Pinarello FP Team/Shimano Ultegra 6700 Complete Bike is in reference to our team, the Competitive Cyclist Professional Racing Team. This bike is finished to replicate our team's Dogma 2 framesets, and it's produced exclusively for us by Pinarello. In our biased opinion, it's a handsome bike, and you can't find it anywhere but here.The FP Team is molded primarily from Toray 30HM12k. That means it's a 30-ton High Modulus carbon-fiber cloth with a 12k weave. It has a slightly sloping top tube, an aero down tube for speed, and Onda (wavy) seat stays for shock absorption. As with the team Dogma 2 frames, the head tube sports a slightly bulbous lower end. It's a sporty touch that hides the tapered steerer tube and lower 1-1/4in headset race. The larger bearing and steerer tube used here add to the steering precision and overall fork stiffness along with the elongated fork blades. The fork also has the trademark Onda curves to help smooth out the ride on coarse pavement. The FP Team rides much like the swanky Dogma 2, just a little more stable, with relaxed geometry that suits all day rides and unpredictable road conditions.The parts build on the bike is the ideal group for the self-sponsored rider. The shifting and drive train is all Shimano Ultegra, with 53/39 chainrings and a 12-25t cassette. The rest of the build is comprised of team-finished parts from MOst, Pinarello's in-house component label. It's all stuff that rides well, looks Pro, and saves a bundle. The MOst's Wildcat wheelset is a dependable, everyday wheelset that is aero enough for racing. The rims are 24mm deep with machined braking surfaces and wear indicators. The spokes are radial in front and grouped in sets of three in the rear, with two-cross on the drive side and radial on the non-drive. If they look familiar, it's because these are re-labeled Campagnolo Khamsin wheels, along with Campagnolo quick releases. They're topped off with Pinarello-branded Continental Ultra-Sport tires.The Pinarello FP Team/Shimano Ultegra 6700 Complete Bike comes in White with Black and Red. It is available in six sizes.

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Holeshot01   Recreational Rider [Apr 30, 2013]

Frame unique



Enjoying the bike have approx 500 mi very stable under speed stiff on sprints unique color scheme.
I wish it came with lighter wheels as the bike is fairly heavy.......but thinking asymmetric has me convinced!

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