Rikulau Hakka Reynolds 853 Road Bike

Hakka Reynolds 853

Hakka Print depicts the insight of Taiwanese Hakka culture.Hakka is a group of people originated in the central part of China.For two thousand years, Hakka people had experienced major migrations away from their original land due to war and famine.As they had always been newcomers, they had been considered guestsby the local people.Therefore, they were called Hakka, which means Guest Family in Chinese language.Some of them stayed in the new land, and some others continued their journey with addition of new cultural ingredients.Throughout the history of Hakka people, struggle for survival had been a norm.And, gradually, the character of hardworking, frugality and stubbornness developed and deeply imprinted into Hakka peoples blood.

The route of migration started from central China to the south, and then extended to southeast Asia, Taiwan, and further to other continents.And Hakka descendents, for example, Sun Yet-sen (founder of Republic of China) , Deng Xiaoping (led Peoples Republic of China to become an economic super power), Lee Kuan Yew (founding father of the modern Singapore), and Lee Teng-hui (first freely elected President in the history of ethnic Chinese) practically shaped Asia of 20th century.

Hakka print is the expression of Hakka culture.In Taiwan, Hakka people are also newcomers compared to the aboriginals and other Chinese ethnic immigrants (Hoklo).Therefore, Hakka had no choice but to reside in the hilly or remote areas of the Formosan Island where land is not as fertile.As life was harsh, Hakka lady developed plain but stylish blue dresses (which becomes a symbol of Hakka lady) and cloth-piecing.

Cloth-piecing was normally done with cloth cut-outs, which are otherwise useless, of different colors.Therefore, a pieced cloth is normally very colorful.Cloth-piecing was later replaced by colorful printed cloths (Hakka print) that look similar to pieced cloths.Flower pattern on a rich background (very often deep red) is commonly seen.

Rikulau introduced this design to pay salute to the Hakka people for their dignity and character. Peony flower is the theme of the design.The flower is the symbol for happiness and good luck.However, different from the traditional design, rich background color is replaced by light pink and white.Flowers stand out, and the design brings more delicacy, though less vividness, to the overall look.

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Hueichun Chang   Recreational Rider [Nov 09, 2010]

1. 8.5 kg complete bike. Even I can carry it upstairs.
2. very beautiful paint job.
3. very reliable.


haven't found any yet. But if my husband can buy me an even lighter bike, I will be very glad to accept it.

My husband bought me this bike. The frame is made of Reynolds 853 tubing.
Although I am not a "keen" cyclist, I found the bike very reliable and very effective.
Besides, the graphics is beautiful. I don't see anything similar in the market.

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