Titus Titanium Vuelo Road Bike

  • Patented Exogrid
  • Multi-material tubeset crafted of seamless 3Al/2.5V titanium
  • Precision machined 6Al-4V titanium dropouts
  • Oval chainstays for increased stiffness

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Dan Sullivan   Road Racer [Mar 01, 2010]

Ultra durable, excellent frame build quality, beautiful frame.


Minimal geometry frame takes a little getting used to. Bike is a little twitchy; not as ultra stable as my Colnago Ovalmaster Ti.

I purchased an new '06 Titus Vuelo Exogrid on Ebay. It was a sweet deal, and I was able to get the frame at 1/4 the original price. Although I've only ridden a handful of times due to the crummy winter weather, it's a sweet riding bike. The frame is very comfortable, but when I stomp on the cranks, it almost magically stiffens up and delivers everything to the road. The workmanship of the welds is as good as anything I've seen, and the frame is a piece of art. I'm keeping this one for a LONG time! Getting the gear on Ebay and having my local bike shop build it and supply the smaller parts saved me about $3000.

Of note: the '10 Campy Record grouppo is super, the best grouppo I've ever ridden. Also, the ITM K-Sword handlebar is about and sexy and comfortable as it gets. I highly recommend it.

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