Van Dessel Sports Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Road Bike

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

The durable steel-tubed Whiskey Tango Foxtrot can be many bikes. A tad relaxed, with tire clearance for up to 700x52c—that’s 29x2.1 in case you’re wondering—it can be a road bike, a cruiser, a fixie, a townie, a cross bike, a full-rigid 29-er, or our favorite, monster cross. And get this, it can even run a belt drive. All the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot awaits is you with all your bike-loving quirkiness. So go ahead, express yourself. Geometry is dialed so you can use drop bar or flat bars. Our proven (= been using it with great success for ten years) creak and hassle free four-bolt EBB setup also has a centered BB30 adapter available for those who want to get modern with a geared BB30 setup. Available as frame, fork, and headset for $699, or as a complete bike in one of 20 builds, or dream up your own custom build.

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Kris in Denver   [May 22, 2014]

I bought this bike frame since I love my other Van Dessel bikes so much, however I wasn't quite sure what to do with it? Build it up as a townie, a commuter for my 28 mile round trip ride to work, a rigid singlespeed for shorter after work rides, a touring bike? Turns out, you can do all of these things and have fun along the way. I love the versatility of this bike and the compliments it gets along the way. I set it up with a 2x1 drivetrain with a Paul tensioner and it's just a blast to ride. On any day, I can ride to work, grab some groceries at lunch and run errands, then hop onto some local singletrack before heading home. Maybe stop at a brewery along the way and enjoy the day. It does a lot of things and I like that. I also like the new color for 2014. It is a clear dipped dark grey color and pictures won't do it justice. The price is reasonable, allowing you to get on a Van Dessel for under a grand and upgrade parts as your define your needs. Great bike. The new model fits up to a 2.2 tire also.


Sizing runs big. If you're a smaller rider, keep that in mind. It is also non-suspension corrected so plan on keeping the sexy fork on it. If you want a mtn bike, buy the Ramble Tamble.

The WTF is a great bike and definitely a fun ride. It's a bike I plan to enjoy for years to come.

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