Van Nicholas Mistral Road Bike

The Mistral has been designed with all-day saddle occupancy in mind. Whether it’s for fun or serious competition, the Mistral will help you to eat up the miles in comfort. It’s ideal for riders who want great performance without a ‘professional’ price tag.

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CO2   [Nov 11, 2013]

-incredibly cheap
-'old school' look
-amazingly light (8,3 kg)
-specs not fancy but very functional and thought out for the price (SRAM Apex groupset, Easton Aero wheels)
-very stable, safe ride
-great comfort on uneven road surfaces (cobble stones)


-not very agile
-'dull' look
-specing the bike with better equipment can be done easily on the VNT-website, but will inflate the price quickly
-the Mistral is no longer available. New Ventus-model is more expensive.

Great if your looking for a very affordable, remarkably light and durable old school long distance bike and if you like the standard trim (SRAM Apex + Easton Aero).
A bit dull in looks (of course, this is a matter of taste) and ride when compared to a modern carbon bike.

This is the 2012 model.
For 2013, the Mistral was replaced by the Ventus, which is a bit more expensive.
The Ventus SE has about the same specs as the 2012 Mistral (tho mostly with Mavic Aksium wheels.
The Mistral in standard trim is still widely available (as of november, 2013), though it is important to get the size right.

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